Mattacherry Palace (Dutch palace)

Do not be mistaken by the name. Even though it is known as the ‘Dutch Palace’, it was built by the Portuguese around 1555 and was gifted to the Raja of Cochin. 

There are different theories to which why the Portuguese gifted such a palace to the Raja, the most popular theory is that it was gifted to appease the king after they (knowingly or unknowingly) plundered a nearby temple.

When the Dutch captured Fort Kochi, they made some renovations and extensions to the palace. After which it came to be known as the Dutch Palace.

It is built in the traditional Kerala style of architecture as a ‘Naluketttu’ (Four-sided building) with a courtyard in the middle. Some elements of European architecture were also incorporated.

A small temple dedicated to Pazhayannur Bhagavathi (the Goddess of the Cochin royal family) stands in the courtyard.

There are two more temples on either side of the palace. One dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other dedicated to Lord Krishna.

The palace is now basically an art gallery. It is famous for mural paintings on the walls. Some of the artifacts used by the royal family are also displayed here.

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