Latest Meta Ad strategies for you to try on your campaigns

Wondering how to improve meta ads performance?

I talked with a Meta Pro yesterday and surprisingly, he gave me some interesting insights.

  • Increase Your Ad Spend: He suggested bumping up ad spend by 10% every 4-5 weeks.  According to Meta Pro, It helps win more auctions and keeps the cost per result lower.
  • Keep Things Fresh: He asked me to make changes regularly, which was a surprising suggestion. If in case, you want to run the same campaign without any changes, duplicate a run the campaign.
  • Mix Up Your Ad Creatives: Use a mix of different ad formats in the same campaign.
  • Use Instant Forms: Meta likes to keep the people inside their platform. Using Instant forms can give your ads a nice little boost.

Do give these strategies a try. Chilarkk Nadakkum, Chilarkk Nadakilla, after all, it’s Meta.

Keep experimenting and keep learning!


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